Down Korea's curling 'Garlic Girls' say they were abused

The darlings of South Korea's Winter months Olympics are back in the statements 8-10 months after their stirring run to a curling silver medal in Pyeongchang.

South Korea's sports ministry on Wednesday announced the joint investigation with this countrywide Olympic committee in to accusations by the apparent Garlic Females of maltreatment.
컬링 ' intended for curling money
The five-member women's curling team of which shot to international renown in March and resulted in unprecedented country specific attention for his or her sport delivered a notice to the particular Korean Sport together with Olympic Committee last week in order to outline their accusations.

Typically the women, from a good remote province famous for it is garlic oil, captured hearts and minds within a state that barely knew curling prior to and became sought-after products with regard to commercials and influenced numerous online memes and even catch-phrases.

The attention was so excellent during the games the fact that their particular coach took away their cell phones to protect the curlers from virtually any pressure. The Garlic Females ultimately shed to Sweden in the yellow metal steel match.

'Human privileges being violated'
In the page, Kim Eun-jung, Kim Seon-yeong, Kim Yeong-ae, Kim Cho-hee and Kim Yeong-mi suspect former Korean Curling Federation (KCF) vice-president Kim Kyong-doo of oral abuse together with team coaches of providing unreasonable orders and disclosing their private lives to help excessive control.

"The human being rights of the sports athletes have been violated, " the particular sportsmen, the first Asian team in order to win some sort of curling metallic, wrote. "We've achieved a time where it has become incredible. "

The curlers furthermore offender coaches of having rear prize money and trying to be able to sideline captain Betty Eun-jung after learning associated with her plans to start loved ones.

The coaches "tried to be able to rule Kim Eun-jung off of the team after she got married in July, " typically the letter said. "They separated the skip and often the team captain's role in order to minimize Kim Eun-jung's standing on the workforce. They also tried not in order to incorporate Kim Eun-jung within staff training. "

This instruction staff have denied the particular allegations.

The research will begin next few days and will include things like officials coming from the ministry, this country wide Olympic committee as well as team's home region regarding North Gyeongsang.

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